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Is that really possible? In just 2.5 days? Yes it is!

I have been doing it for people all over the world for over 15 years.

I have learned how to help people unleash their Conquering Force and destroy invisable barriers in record time!

More than 25 years have gone into the research and discovery of what it takes in life to be 100% successful in all areas of your life and perform at the highest levels possible… and do it quickly.


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What you are about to discover will change your life forever...

Imagine what it would be like if you could be at your best in every area of your life...ALL THE TIME!

Imagine being like a Gold Medalist in your relationships... in making money ... your business... your work... your family... your hobbies... your passions...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could always be at your peak?

Allow yourself to think back to a time when you were at your best and you knew it! You were "on" and everything just fell into place ...you were at your absolute peak performance best.

Remember those incredible feelings of success and happiness?

I want to let you know that you can experience success and peak performance on an every day basis — not just "once in a blue moon."

Keep reading, because you'll soon realize...


The TZE results really do speak for themselves. . .

Read This Amazing Success Story From Actual, Real Participant in The Zufelt Experience. (see side bar for MORE!)

...I learned how to achieve everything in life..."

"I learned more in this one weekend on how to achieve everything I want in my life (even in areas that I have struggled in) than any of the 100's of books, audio programs or seminars that I have invested in over the past 10 years. Jack has an amazing ability to turn anybody with the desire into a Peak Performer. If you have that desire then you truly owe it to yourself to be at The Zufelt Experience."

~ Kevin Wilke, Multi-million per year business owner.



From the Desk of Jack Zufelt, World Famous Success Expert and Life Instructor Extraordinaire.

Dear High Achiever and Those Who Want to be,What will success and achievement look like for you in the next year?
Are you one of those individuals who works hard, does the best you can, but knows there is still untapped potential inside of you dying to be unleashed?

Do you live with a frustrated sense of expectation in yourself in the areas of personal and professional growth and accomplishment?

Or maybe you're one of those individuals who silently admits there's something still missing, something half finished, something dreamed about but never realized even after all you've have accomplished.

You can sense or actually know that you're underachieving relative to your potential and promise in one or more areas of your life.

Maybe you've figured out your business or your profession but happy and fulfilling relationships with your spouse, significant other, children, family or friends — always seem to elude you.

I'm sure you know that life presents you with more paths to happiness, fulfillment, success, achievement, and peak performance than ever before, yet millions of individuals still live unfulfilled, or mediocre, less than richly rewarding lives.



Your best level of thinking and performance has gotten you to where you are today.


Your best level of thinking and performance has gotten you to where you are today!

Let me ask you... are you completely, unreservedly, totally 100% satisfied with your level of performance and success? If your answer is yes... then read no further, this report is not for you.

On the other hand, if you believe your best is yet to come and you're prepared to reach your best in performance and success... then keep reading! In working with individuals like you for more than 25 years I've uncovered truths about success that will get you to commit, to make that internal decision (just like flipping a light switch inside of you) to develop yourself into a success focused, peak performing machine!

You're about to finally discover what it REALLY takes to achive high degree of success and peak performance.

You can have an extreme makeover, the Zufelt way!

You see, whether you want to admit it or not, there are certain things holding you back, limiting your successes, your achievements, and as much as you don't want them to... they are.

And the tragedy of the situation is that you may not even be aware of it happening to you.

WHY? Where Did They Come From?

You've been programmed your whole life. Most of it is not your fault... unfortunately you've been sold a bill of goods by the education establishment, the media, corporate America, and even well meaning friends and family members. They've unintentionally sabotaged you with limiting beliefs, systems, and principles, lables and judgments. I call these invisable barriers.

Just recently in a US News & World Report article it was stated that there are 7,500 books in the field of self-help on almost every imaginable bad habit or dilemma.

What's wrong is that most have pursued the wrong objectives, going down the wrong path. Focusing on the wrong things.

Stop relying on those methods to give you peak performance. I don't care how many self-help books you've read, motivational CDs you've listened to, or success seminars you've attended... forget it all! There is an easier, more effective way!


The Zufelt Experience
For Peak Performace

June 10-12th, 2011
Denver, Colorado
This is your opportunity to attend this internationally acclaimed, life-enhancing, super-achiever, peak performance weekend.
Finally - Reach The Level of Performance You Always Knew You Could Reach…
At TZE You Will Learn The Amazing Mindset, Heartset, Philosophies, Strategies, Techniques And Secrets Of Success and Peak Performance.

WARNING: The Zufelt Experience is limited to ONLY 20 people so Register today before all 20 spots are taken.
In Just 2.5 Days I'll Show How You Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, Your Family, Your Relationships and Your Finances Into a

“Peak Performance Success Machine”


But... let me back up a minute and tell you my story.

My background suggests that what I've accomplished in life should have been impossible. I was raised on the Navajo Indian reservation and was the only Caucasian boy in my high school senior class.

Most of my peers held a deep seated anger toward me and I was bullied, slugged, punched, kicked or beat up almost every day. My father let me know how dissapointed he was that he had a coward for a son.

I barely got through high school. I got lots of D's and quite a few F's. The teachers told me I would amount to nothing and that I was a loser. They told me they passed me to get rid of me. The said my big mouth would get me into big trouble.

When I left high school I was convinced that I was dumb and a loser. I hardly understood any math. I just couldn't grasp one concept before they went on to another. I never considered going to college, telling myself, "I'm not about to pay money to go through that torture again." My self-esteem was nonexistent.

At nineteen I ended up being offered a job as a karate studio manager. With nothing to loose, and free karate lessons, I jumped at the chance.

I threw my heart and soul into karate. For many years that was all I did. I had an intense inner desire to defend myself and regain my self-esteem. No one would hurt me again. I wasn't going to be a coward anymore! I was driven from within to never again be afraid of any person, to get back at those bullies, prove to those mean teachers that I was not a loser and most importantly, to win my father's respect.

Because I was driven from within I became very good, developed black belt fighting skills and was taught by some of the nation's top fighter's.

I had no talent, no self-esteem, and no athletic prowess that would suggest I could do what I did or become what I have become -- but I did.


How can that be?

Without understanding it at the time, I had tapped into the energy and passion of an Core Desire. It also resulted in my not letting my past determine my future.

Having a life in which everything you do is driven by an Core Desire, you perform at your peak and it's the most satisfying and fulfilling way to live a successful life.

Just picture yourself living that kind of life... enjoying that great feeling in every area of your life — going through life working on things you really, truly enjoy, love or want.

FACT! There is no doubt that this program is successful.

If you know anything about my mindset and approach to peak performance you know I'm not a "cookie cutter" self-help guru like 100's that are out there with the same "cookie cutter" formulas far to often result in mediocrity or outright failure.

Those formulas can make you feel good for a while but don't create any long lasting, life changing results.

The self-help industry, motivational speakers, and success coaches, even though they may mean well and genuinely want you to be successful — are stunting and maybe even permanently destroying your chances for success and they don't even know it.

So Who Am I To Claim That I Can Teach You These          SUCCESS Principles?
Just in case you aren’t aware of who I am and my radical, breakthrough concepts for success and peak performance (or you want to introduce me to others), please let me share with you some things other pretty famous people have said about me:

Mark Victor Hansen,

co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup For The Soul had this to say about my formula for peak performance, "With this formula you'll become vastly successful-superfast. Jack takes popular beliefs of how to be successful and blows them apart with simple truths. Then he gives you the core formulas needed to achieve success."

Jack Canfield,

co-author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul, said it is, "A masterpiece about the true cause of achievement." I tell you what it really takes to be successful... and it’s NOT what you have been told! It’s a breakthrough in personal success."

Brian Tracy,

speaker, author and performance expert, said this about my work: “Jack Zufelt has developed and refined one of the most powerful ideas in human success and achievement. Anyone who taps into it will unleash a torrent of power and the ability that will enable them to accomplish goals that the average person only dreams about.”

Success Magazine

gave such a rave review about my approach to human performance that they were deluged with such a positive response that they featured my concepts and techniques a second time (this is rarely ever done).

My approach to performance can also be credited with phenomenal financial results. Some were able to double their income in a year and others went on to become multi-millionaires.

My concepts on success have earned me
numerous other distinctions including:

  • Being awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by the President of the United States.
  • I was honored by the United States Senate for teaching Americans how to achieve better results in their personal lives and careers. 
  • I’ve been interviewed and broadcast on over 2,000 radio and TV talk shows including The Today Show in Australia.
  • My #1 best-selling book has been translated into 15 Languages.

As you can see, because of the nature of my concepts and methods I am highly regarded by my collegues and the media. I also have many celebrity endorsements from people like Norman Vincent Peale, TV personality Art Linkletter, Movie Star Danny Glover, Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Worlds greatest athelete and Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner to name a few.

I share these accolades with you so that you can trust the source of the information that I want to offer you at TZE - " The Zufelt Experience".

I have documented proof that what I have to offer you at TZE will impact your life in a way that will move you to continued, sustained perpetual action, focus and achievement that, frankly, is incomparable to any other teacher, trainer, consultant or expert you can learn from anywhere in the world.

That may sound like a brash, bold, arrogant statement – I am none of those. I think I am humble – but I am arrogant, not about myself, but about the power and simplicity and predictability and certainness of the results of what I teach.


And I can personally guarantee that the principles I will be sharing with you will be unlike ANYTHING you’ve EVER heard before.


The only question that matters is…

How Can YOU Be More Successful In Life . . . Now?

Not know which way to go keeps you stuck. You can spend years trying outdated, poor performing conventional "Cookie Cutter" success techniques, making mistakes, and learning on your own in the School of Hard Knocks.


You can spend 2.5 Days with me learning my Proprietary Method of what you need to know and do to Maximize Your Success, your financial freedom, and joy in your life.


I will help you stop wondering what to do or how to be. You Will Learn to Live, Think, Plan, and Execute...

Like a Peak Performance Super Star or a Gold Medalist in the Olympics.

And you will leave with a lifetime of lasting results.

My primary outcome for The Zufelt Experience is to identify and remove any of your barriers and obstacles to success.

In order to accomplish that I will share my philosophies, experiences, secrets, strategies, principals, techniques, tactics and resources… But even more than that, I will instill what past participants say is the most valuable thing they received…


T h e Z u f e l t M i n d s e t !


The “Zufelt Mindset” is my unique approach to achievement and success.

It's a strategy that is so laser focused in its approach that it smashes the myths of achievement and teaches you how to find and use the true cause of all success and peak performance.

I've been able to take people from all walks of life including those with no past success, experience, skills, money, education, or social connections and have helped them achieve incredible incomes and success because of this mindset.

You should be one of them too.

What The 100% RISK FREE Zufelt Experience Is All About:
Imagine if you experienced the same results past attendees reported receiving. If that happened do you feel your life would improve dramatically — taking you to the next level of success, fulfillment and enjoyment you desire in your life?
check Imagine gaining the confidence you need to be able to be in control of every situation you find yourself in.
check Imagine  identifying and stop wasting time on things that are robbing you from your ultimate pay-off..
check Imagine climbing to the top 1/2 of one percent in the nation in earnings (I went from low income, $23,000, to that in less than two years).
check Imagine creating the kind of income and financial freedom you want.
check Imagine having the skill and ability to solve any problem that the world throws at you.
check Imagine learning three simple steps to overcoming any fear you face.
check Imagine strengthening and improving all of your relationships — your spouse, children, family, friends, even co-workers.
check Imagine developing powerful and confident communication skills.
check Imagine turning on your "inner switch" of self-motivation whenever you want to.
check Imagine being able to identify and destroy all barriers and obstacles that are keeping you from getting what you want and deserve.
check Imagine learning the truths about making BIG money.
check Imagine finding out how to stop the vicious and tiring cycle of mediocrity and failure.

The Zufelt Experience gives you all this and more! It is more than a weekend event...

It's a completely different way of looking at life.

  • Looking at life with a choice... not chance.
  • Looking at life with hope... not hype.
  • With "The Zufelt Mindset" totally integrated into every part of your life, you’ll never be at a loss regarding how you should respond, or what you should do.
You'll know you're in charge and can make things happen — and that is the ultimate feeling of power, freedom, security and certainty — KNOWING that you can take the best advantage of every situation and perform at your peak.

You Will Literally Learn To Be “A Peak Performance Machine!”

ok Success and achievement will become second nature to you. No more doubt or feeling stuck.  
ok It will become part of your fabric of life and something you do because it has become part of who you are.
ok On a long term, “lifetime view” basis, your participation in The Zufelt Experience will have a profound effect on your career, your family, your relationships, your future and your personal wealth.
I hear regularly from previous attendees and they have told me how grateful they are to have been exposed to my mindset and methods.

About The Zufelt Experience…

There are three (3) Phases.

You need to know the power of my Three Phase — Zufelt Experience weekend event, because I’ll be putting you through this program starting the moment you register today.

I developed this success-and-achievement oriented process by actually working with people just like you for more than 25 years. Each phase is connected to produce the same positive results that other people who have completed the program have reported.


Phase 1 – The Zufelt Experience Grounding Materials

"The DNA of Success - Know What You Want To Get What You Want" This 208-page book is a complete course in and of itself. In fact, just look at what entrepreneurial performance expert Jay Abraham had to say about this book:

"How to Use The Conquering Force Within You" More than 6 1/2 hours of breakthrough audio training on how to leash your Conquering Force and more importantly, how to use it to achieve success and peak performance.

Phase 2 – The Zufelt Experience Live Weekend

"The Zufelt Experience For Peak Performance Live Workshop." This is the live presentation with all the "bells and whistles." And yes, I'll openly admit it in advance... the process of achieving your peak performance best, breaking down barriers, and learning my mindset is rather unconventional (You'll see!).

But I can promise you this, you'll absolutely enjoy the experience because it's fun, a bit outrageous, and definitely "outside the box."

RELAX! I'm not going to have you walking on hot coals, do silly exercizes, make you eat strange animal parts, or have insects crawl all over you... this is a wholesome, life learning laboratory, not reality TV.

Phase 3 – Personal One-on-One Mentoring

This is your personalized mentoring with me to help you for the next five months (one hour per month) after The Zufelt Experience.


As An Added Dimension To Your Success...


Bring Your Spouse For FREE

That's right...

Unlike 99.99% of the conferences or workshops that charge either full-price, half-price, or some other outrageous price, I'm going to do the unheard of...let you bring your spouse for FREE!


I know how valuable this weekend is going to be for you, and if you think it would benefit your spouse (and I know it will) and you would like to have them attend with you please bring your spouse for NO additional cost.

People have told me that having their spouse with them helped them immensely in many areas of life. They are both equally immersed and are "on the same page" with the Zufelt Mindset and methodology.

Anyway you look at it this bonus adds huge value!


This bonus alone is worth $2,497 by itself. Don't delay making a decision to participate, remember, there are only 20 spaces available!

Let’s put a pencil to this…

The financial justification of this opportunity is so easy:

First, for many this course can be a business expense so you can write it off of your taxes. That means the actual cost out of pocket is considerably less than $2,497. Check with your tax advisor to see how much you actually save in your tax bracket.

Second, how about an investment that pays you endless dividends... week after week, month after month, and year after year?

Third, just imagine that after The Zufelt Experience, you were able to walk away with ideas, information and immediately applicable methods and mindset which would generate a modest $5,000 per year.

You would have recovered your investment and then some in just the first 12 months. And it's quite possible to do that! Many have done that and a lot more.

Skeptical? Doubter? Just look at the right side of this page and read a few of the 100's of testimonies people have sent in after their "Zufelt Experience!

Really, it's impossible to put a financial value on the entire program. And I can assure you, you will reap dividends far beyond any financial return.

Would THAT be worth it for you to invest $2,497 (US) in yourself... your life... your family... and your business?

It is my observation that if you were to realistically value the program over the course of a lifetime… It Would Literally Be Priceless.



You've got two ways to register for the for this event.
You decide which one works best for you.

You can register by clicking on the link below which will take you to my Secure Online Order Form. Fill out the information, submit it and you will automatically be registered and your grounding materials will be sent out within 24 hours.


One Payment of $2497

You can personally call our offices at (303) 741- 9025 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, MST) and register over the phone. We can take your information and get you registered and answer any questions you may have.
Call (303) 741-9025

You can choose the "Pay in Installments" Option.

Jack is even going 1 step further!

You can register by clicking on the link below which will take you to my Secure Online Order Form. Fill out the information, submit it and you will automatically be registered and your grounding materials will be sent out within 24 hours.

Two Payments of $1,248.50


You can personally call our offices at (303) 741-9025 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, MST) and register over the phone. We can take your information and get you registered and answer any questions you may have.
Call (303) 741-9025

In Conclusion…

This program is exactly what you need right now!

In this wacky world we live in today, where everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against you and your success and achievement, I can say with the utmost confidence, this program will absolutely provide you with the mindset, attitudes, paradigms, characteristics, skills, strategies, tactics and techniques you need to be extraordinarily successful - not just today, not just 2011, but into the future for as long as you live.

If you are willing to commit the time and effort to learn and implement my mindset and methods, I can virtually guarantee your success… It won’t take years… It doesn’t even have to take months…just one weekend.

Literally in just a few days from now, you can start creating and experiencing the financial freedom, personal growth, and success you always wanted, but maybe lacked the specific tools or knowledge or guidance to achieve.

IF YOU KNOW THIS IS SOMETHING YOU NEED AND WANT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Call me, Jack Zufelt, at (303) 741-9025 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, MST) to register, or to have him answer any questions you may still have.

After The Zufelt Experience Peak Performance, I can promise, you will return home A changed person – forever.

A year from now, you’ll be looking back on today as possibly one of the soundest and best decisions you’ve ever made.

You'll be well on your way to creating a life with a sense of purpose, deliberateness, and passion.

In summary, I wish you the best of success with your life, family, and business and I sincerely hope to see you June 10-12th in Denver, so I can help you achieve the success you so richly deserve.


Jack M. Zufelt

P.S.- I have done these retreats for about 20 years and have never had anyone ask for their money back. I also have a drawer full of testimonials of the results that people have experienced AFTER the course. Sign up now and let me help you identify and destroy all of your invisible barriers which will cause you to be able to achieve the desires of your heart.


The question is not IF you should attend, but HOW can you do it.

So, the ONLY Logical and Intelligent Decision You Can Make... Is To Invest In Yourself and Your Future and Attend This Retreat.

You may be struggling with the financial investment required and the monetary demands placed on you to attend this event. I understand that.

I have purposely priced THIS program low so that YOU can afford to attend. I am committed to help you to make a meaningful and significant change in your life so that you can accomplish all that you desire and secure financial freedom for yourself and your family.


Joel Comm

Below are in the the exact words from previous Zufelt Experience participants.
They made quantum leaps in their lives and you can too.
Are you ready for that kind of growth and change in your life too?

If you are The Zufelt Experience will launch you into the stratosphere!

"I Found The Key to
Unlock the Chains...
""One of the best decisions I have ever made! I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. Initially, the cost of the weekend made me hesitate.

However, Jack's concepts are so unique and powerful that I really felt this was something different and that I needed to experience it.
It was worth every penny plus a whole lot more! I found the key to unlock the chains I had wrapped myself in. The Zufelt Experience is an amazing, powerful experience.
Run, don't walk to The Zufelt Experience... you truly can have the life you want."
~ Dana Burton
"...I got more than I could have ever expected..."
"The Zufelt Experience was truly a blessing and a life changing event. No other experience or seminar can even come close to The Zufelt Experience.

I came expecting a miracle and got it as well as many serendipity blessings. I got more from this event than I could have ever expected."
~ Linda Knight
"...The Zufelt Experience is absolutely life-changing..."
"I got more than what I ever expected. I learned so much more about myself. The experience is absolutely life changing.

I went from a failure to a top performer in less than 3 months after I returned to Singapore.The amount that I paid for the wisdom I received cannot be compared.

It is priceless! If what you want is to be real successful in life, in all areas, and you've tried all other ways that didn't work, you've got to attend The Zufelt Experience."
~ Patrick See
"I never thought anything like this would be possible in my life. Jack has helped me bring several issues that I've been struggling with into focus and then showed me how to solve the problems causing them. Simply calling it an experience is an understatement but it reveals the true magnitude of the event."
~ Bryan Jensen
"...Very happy I invested in my success..."
"This event is absolutely unique and possibly the only one of it's kind anywhere. I'm very happy that I invested in my success by making the decision to attend.

There is no amount of money in the world that could truly pay for the education, inspiration, and direction that I've received in two and a half days.

I recommend the Zufelt Experience to anyone and everyone regardless of the business you're in."
~Virginia Flemming
"...I want my family and friends to attend..."
"My girlfriend and I were about to make a very important decision in our life that we had been sweeping under the rug for more than five years. The outcome was a surprise to me and an extremely pleasant and happy one.

I will be indebted to Jack forever. I definitely want my family and close friends to attend a Zufelt Experience as well."
~ Richard Mpelezos
"...This exceeded my expectations..."
"I came to TZE with high expectations and I can honestly say that it greatly exceeded what I had hoped to receive. I saw miracles happen time and time again with the participants.

The experience touched my heart and propelled me forward in ways that I had never expected."

~ Stuart Pearson
"...What I've gained at TZE,

surpassed the money spent..."
"It took me 2 sleepless nights of hard decisions to fly here from Singapore due to my financial difficulties.

However, I'm glad that I came as what happened during the weekend was something that could NEVER have come from any other place.

I've learned the power of 'core desire' and am working to achieve it. The heartfelt experiences and knowledge that I've gained at TZE far surpassed the money that I spent."

~ Susan Liang
"I have taken several programs over the years, including: Alpha Awareness, EST, Dianetics, Psychoanalysis, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), and private counseling. I have to say that I saw more work accomplished with each of the participants in The Zufelt Experience weekend than I have ever seen with any of the disciplines that I have experienced in the past. Jack Zufelt really has a gift of insight into the root causes that creates failure and problems in people's lives.

I want all my employees to attend this course."
~ Robert Burgener,
Salt Lake City, Utah
"At our institute we've experienced greater results with Zufelt's principles and concepts. He has gone beyond the typical "positive thought" advice and has gotten right to the heart of successful living."
~ Dr. Marc Sorenson,
National Institute of Health
"After three years of working my guts trying to be an entrepreneur. I would occasionally make $300 a month (once I even made a $1,000). I was running myself ragged.
After a brief phone conversation with Jack Zufelt I was able to turn everything around. I was an eager student so I did exactly what the told me to do and now my income fluctuates between $4,000 and $6,000 a month and it only took me 10 months to get there! What Jack taught me changed everything for me."
~ Sylvia Canwell
"Jack showed me the things I was doing wrong and how to change it so I could earn the money I wanted. I had a major paradigm shift and was able to instantly acquire the attributes I needed to make money. Before Jack’s help I would sporadically earn checks of $200 or $300 (Once I got $975) but now I have a steady income of $6,000 a month and it only took me 7 months to do it!"
~ Stephen P. Kraken
"I am a trained therapist and have seriously studied and 'done it all'. Whatever it takes, and at any price, I recommend anyone to experience the power and transformation of The Zufelt Experience for Peak Performance. Jack Zufelt delivered even more than he ever promised!"

~ Margie Johnson, Oregon
"...This is the answer you've been looking for..."
"I came to The Zufelt Experience from Singapore and paid thousands of US dollars, but it is worth it!! What Jack has done in The Zufelt Experience goes way beyond what person would normally be able to do to help people. I recommend The Zufelt Experience to anyone who wants to be more and do more. This will give you the answer you've been looking for."
~ Nancy Leong
"...No other workshop delivers like this..."
"Miracles happened at The Zufelt Experience! No other workshop delivers the goods like The Zufelt Experience did. The nearly three days were filled with valuable insights. Jack has a way of drilling down to the core of any problem and provides a road map out, with real, useful tools one can use immediately. This guy is the real deal."
~ Jim Zaccaria
"There's no better formula for success than that offered by Jack Zufelt. He has defined and simplified that which is in each of us, but overlooked. He proves there is no such word as impossible."

~ Lou Holtz,
Former Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame
"You should read this book today - right now! Jack Zufelt teaches a perspective and strategy no comparable book on the subject addresses. I'm impressed with the content and confident that it can help you grow, succeed, and prosper."
~ Jay Abraham,
CEO of the Abraham Group

"Jack Zufelt has developed and refined one of the most powerful ideas in human success and achievement."
~ Brian Tracy,
Speaker and Trainer.

"I used Zufelt's "DNA of Success" concept to achieve over $87 million in sales. I truly credit Zufelt's teachings as the reason for this accomplishment."
~~ Wyn J. Harter,
General Electric Computers
"Jack's message on his audio program was so valuable to me, personally, that I bought 50 sets of Jack Zufelt's tapes for my top management people. I then had him speak to the Presidents and other key people of the 25 banks that we own. He was one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He truly has a life changing concept and an ability to present that is second to none."
~~ Don Mengadoth,
President & CEO Community First Bank (A $1.5 Billion dollar company)
"Thank you Jack,
for your awesome ability to infuse our distributors with believe in themselves, our products and our industry. You were a hit everywhere you spoke and your tapes are have had a major influence on our people."

~ Ron Frederick,
President, New Image International

Rev. Robert Schuller of TV’s Hour of Power and Crystal Cathedral fame said, "We all need that winning ability and Jack Zufelt can help you get it.”
~Rev. Robert Schuller
“Over the years he had heard dozens of speakers from around the country but Jack Zufelt’s presentation was the best I have ever heard. Our overall sales increased and some of our sales people have really excelled as result of Jack’s powerful concept.”

Christiansen, regional VP of this Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company
"You were exactly what we needed and wanted. I am very, very pleased at what our sales organization got from you. The way you interact with the audience is fantastic. They loved you.”
~NIKON INC. David Lee,
National Field Sales Manager
"The Zufelt Experience was a truly blessed event. With Jack's help I examined my wrong paradigm and changed it to allow happiness, trust and passion. I now believe in miracles. This course will burn in my memory always as the turning point to leading a full, whole, meaningful life for myself."
~Nancy Serafino,
New York
"The Zufelt Experience for Peak Performance weekend was a combination of fun, common sense, and wisdom combined with an uncanny ability to see deep into the lives of those in attendance. It's a chance to see yourself and your world from a new perspective and to make changes to improve yourself and the world. I will be a better counselor because of what I experienced."

~ Dr. Samuel P. Rogers,
PhD of Psychology, Virginia
"Jack's message is fabulous. Everyone who wants to know how to become successful must know about his concepts. They are truly the answer everyone is looking for regarding how to succeed."
~ Kathleen Deoul, Baltimore, Maryland
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